I am precious 
Don't think about me in this way or that,
Don't reject me
I am not who you think I am,
Why don't you come and talk to me?
Why don't you give me a benefit of doubt?
Why don't you give me another chance?
Even if we don't agree
Let's talk again
But please don't talk behind my back
I feel hurt
I feel pinched
I feel pierced
If you don't like me
It's because you don't know me yet
Let's make a fresh start
Even if we have met many times
There is still much which is yet to be discovered
I haven't given up on myself
So why do you give up on me
You know a best dish has all elements in it
It is sweet 
It is sour
It has many other tastes
When two people meet
They agree
They disagree
They hate
They love
Same is with us
But if you don't want to meet me
Please don't talk behind my back
Please don't form your opinions of me
Please don't despise me in your heart
I am what I am
You are what you are
We both need to exist
We all have our unique path
We all have our unique contribution 
To make this world a better place to live in


What is the purpose of my life?
Is it to get married
Is it to be a mother
Is it to be a wife
Is it to be a daughter
Are these words enough to sum up the whole meaning of my life?
What about my beauty?
What about my heart?
What about my courage?
What about my resilience?
What about my smile?
What about my education?
Mom, Dad
You raised me to be educated
You raised me to be independent
Then why do you push me for something I am not ready for
I am not against marriage
I am yet to find someone who treasures me
The way you did
I know I failed a few times in finding someone 
I know I failed a few times in growing further
But what about all the other times when I stood up on my own
What about the thousands of smiles and hugs I gave you in abundance
It is true that you gave birth to me
Nurtured me
Took care of me
But didn't I also make your life richer
By loving you right from the moment I opened my eyes
I am scared
I am lost
I feel worthless
When everyone looks at me from only one angle
That I am married or not
Marriage is beautiful
As you both showed me
But I need to find someone with whom to paint this beauty
It doesn't matter whether I marry late
Or I marry early
It is important that I become happy
Wouldn't it hurt you if I regret later on?
Wouldn't it hurt you if I cry later on?
If I end up staying a bit more with you
Why don't you treasure it?
Why don't you love me more?
Why don't you look at me like the same 2-year-old?
The one who called you Papa, Mummy for the first time.
Life is harsh
There are very few people 
Who give me hope
Who know me well
Who know my uniqueness
I still live with my held high
It is difficult being a woman
Some don't like when I grow stronger
When I become better
In whatever I do
I need you
My parents
To hold me tight 
To allow me to stand
And when I have stood up strong
I will take on anything in my life
Don't look at others
As they are their own
Don't compare me with others
I am also my own self
Don't judge my fortune
By looking at the fortune of others
I was born to be me
Before I become someone else's
Let me first become my own
Let me stand up on my two feet
Let me fall as well
Let me breathe to the fullest
Let me test the capacity of my life alone
Let me be the one worthy of someone else
As someone else will be worthy of me
Don't think that I am your daughter or not your son
Think of me as your very own


This is the time of exams
While there are many to tell you to work hard
You need to decide for yourself
Are you going to study because of others
Are you going to study for marks
Will you study to learn at least one new thing each day
If you learn at least one new thing through your subject daily
You will learn a lot of new things over next few weeks
These learnings cannot be taken from you
Even a simple 1+2 =3 equation teaches you
That good things always add and become better
Make a fresh start today
Leave aside what you did and did not do yesterday
Open your heart to learning
Look at that book in front of you with joy
Make it your friend
It might be a tough book
But aren't friends tough when you meet them for the first time
Slowly once you get to know them
You cherish the time spent with them
Same is with books
Once you get to know them
You will love them

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